The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..


Carole Hagan is the latest member to send in her “work in progress”.  Carole says…….”Just thinking and playing with fabric and templates – the quilt will probably be called ‘Gravity’.

I have completely changed what I am doing after seeing some of the other quilts! One was too similar to my original thoughts.”

Gravity - work in progress by Carole Hagan

Gravity – work in progress by Carole Hagan

Fractured Light…..

Please keep those images coming in so we can show folk what we are up to!  The latest photos we’ve been sent are from Pat Sperr who says of her hand dyed, whole cloth quilt……”this is a photo of my Newton “work in progress”.  It is based (loosely) on Newton’s discovery of light refraction, and will be called Fractured Light.”

Fractured Light

Fractured Light by Pat Sperr

Fractured Light by Pat Sperr

Detail from “Fractured Light” 

The Mind of a Genius…..

Thanks to Mary for sending in her Newton “work in progress”, this is just the sort of thing we need to give the rest of us a push!  Mary is trying out a technique which is new to her, so making this a double challenge!

Can you tell what it is yet........?

Can you tell what it is yet……..?

“Long way to go but here is the tentative start to my Sir Isaac quilt. It’s just the centre part, it will be landscape so lots more strips either side. Then more cutting up, re-sewing, appliqué, painting, stamping etc. Or maybe not………I may change my mind.  I’ll see how it goes. It’s not exactly planned.  I haven’t joined the strips with 1/4” seams, but overlapped the raw edges which I have discovered is much more difficult………they wander! Oh, and the inspiration is ‘The Mind of a Genius’.”

Our Isaac Newton Challenge is gaining momentum and I would like to have more images of your quilts, either “work in progress” or “finished” work, to feature here on the website.  The first two quilts to be revealed are from Joan and Deborah.

Jean Proud has sent this image of her beautiful representation of the famous apple tree in the garden of Newtons home, Woolsthorpe Manor.

Newtons famous Apple tree

Newtons famous Apple tree

Deborah Mullins has sent two images of her ingenious Newton “Word Search” Quilt.

Sir Isaac Newton Worsearch Quilt

Sir Isaac Newton Word Search Quilt

Deborah says…”I wanted to create something that would detain people, make them want to stand in front of it and scrutinise it, rather than just wander past. So I chose to create a word search about Sir Isaac Newton, his work, his contacts and his life. There was so much material to choose from, enjoyable research to find some more obscure aspects of his work, and a bit of fun putting the word search together. There are 30 words to find, which can be put on the ‘label’ next to the quilt – some obvious, others a bit trickier”. What a great idea!

Deborah Mullins Quilt Detail

Woolsthorpe Manor…..

… Sandra Goldsbrough.

Mary, Rosie, Joan P and I went to visit Woolsthorpe Manor on WednesdaySeptember 14th. We were joined by Carol Hagan. Another group went on the previous Sunday.

It is a fascinating place with many experiments which are interesting to both children and adults alike. There is much more to Isaac Newton than I remember from school. We all know about Gravity but there was so much more.

Do you like a Challenge?

Following the success of the David Hockney Challenge, our quilts are currently on a national tour from June until October with Grosvenor Shows. We are now launching our second LINQS Challenge and would like to encourage new members from textile and embroidery groups within the county to join us. The title of our next exhibition is to be decided at a later stage but the design of each piece will be influenced by Sir Isaac Newton and can include any aspect of his home, his life, his discoveries etc.Quilts can be worked individually or as a group, it’s entirely up to you.

The format will be pretty much as last time with the key criteria being as follows:

– Participants must reside in Lincolnshire.

– Each quilt must consist of three layers.

– Any techniques and materials can be used, traditional or contemporary.

– Quilts will be either 30″ x 40″ or 30cm x 40 cm and can be portrait or landscape.

– All large size quilts must have a 4″ hanging hanging sleeve attached.

Existing members need to register their intent to take part in the new challenge but do not need to pay.  For any new members joining it is £10 per person, cheques to be made payable to LINQS and posted to Mary Jackson at 104 High Street, Billinghay LN4 4ED.

The handover date for submitting completed work is 6th May 2017.

If you would like to register your intent to join the challenge or would like more information on LINQS please contact Mary on Karen at 

… Lynn Carr.

“Out and Onto the Canvas” is the title of the quilt made through a process of collaboration by the seven members of Textile Lincs. Hopefully you can see what the concept of the quilt is all about. David Hockney used his observation skills and through his painting skills transformed what he saw to give new life to his subjects in his distinctive painting style. Through fabrics, threads and using our own skills we aimed to capture some of the essences of his work. However, making a group piece is not necessarily an easy thing to do. As anyone in LINQS  will know, there are many considerations and decisions to be made in our own individual pieces, but in a group piece everyone has to be involved and everyone has to be happy about the final outcome.

All members were involved in the early stages of deciding just what would be our subject. We wanted to show something of the diverse images of Hockney’s work; we wanted cohesion in the colour palette and yet we didn’t want to produce individual squares and sew them together. Sounds easy when said in so few words, but getting there took a lot of talking and a lot of googling! One thing we decided early on was that the colour palette would be based on The Arrival of Spring.

Hockneys work "Tge Arrival of Spring" was the inspiration for the quilts colour scheme.

The colour scheme was based on Hockney’s work “The Arrival of Spring”.

Then, as often happens after much talking in the early stages of a project, we decided, “Well, we have to start somewhere”, and so we each went home to choose a painting that interested us and convey it in fabrics and threads. At our next meeting all these pieces came together for consideration as to what worked and what didn’t in the overall image. You will see imagery inspired by Hockney’s wood paintings, his fields and furrows of Yorkshire, his dancers and his totem motif.

Having selected the images to go into the final piece, we then arranged them within the overall size of 30 x 40 inches and discussed what was needed to bring the whole piece together. This was achieved by using stitchery and fabric collage, again using our chosen colour palette. Both hand stitching and machine stitching were used throughout and a variety of fabrics such as cottons, silks and velvets.

As you can imagine “Out and Onto the Canvas” has travelled a few miles already between members’ locations at Lincoln, Grantham, Spalding and our meeting place of Sleaford. It truly has been a collaborative project and even though one of our members lives outside of Lincolnshire and so was precluded from joining in on the stitching, she was very much involved in group discussions, the final design and the many considerations to be made along the way. Other members involved were Lorraine Appleton, Lynn Carr, Angela Daymond, Anne Dolan, Jenny Harrison and Krisztina Theisler. We hope you enjoy the final outcome.

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