The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Mary has let me know that our Isaac Newton quilts have been collected and are now with the folk at Grosvenor Shows.  They will begin their tour of the country at Springfield’s Exhibition Centre on the 1st & 2nd of June.  You will see from the poster that the Waltham Windmill group, some of whose members are also LINQS ladies, are also on this tour…..a double whammy for Lincolnshire!


From Spalding the quilts move onto Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey…….


From there they will be going to the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate.  I can’t make the Spalding show so hope to catch up with some of you at Harrogate…..


In October we will be seen in Malvern……


……and Duxford.


The tour will end, after five months on the road, at the Kent Showground in November…..



These are the images of work in progress and finished quilts for the Sir Joseph Banks Challenge we have received so far.  If anyone else would like to send me images of their work it would be great to get more on here.  The handover date for completed work is on 9th June at Stanhope Hall, Boston Road, Horncastle at 2pm.

Banksia Design by Barbara Smith

A second Banksia Design – work in progress by Barbara Smith

Work in progress by Emily Jennings

Margaret Fulwood’s quilt with hand embroidered flowers

Sir Joseph Banks inspired quilt by Deborah Bullen.

After The Fire – Banksia Seed Pod charred in a bush fire by Karen Lane

Jean Proud’s work in progress

Our Waltham Show was a huge success and the committee would like to thank all of those members who came along to help including setting up, stewarding and taking down at the end.  Also a big thank you to Jacky Hopkin for all her help with securing and organising the venue and all the running around associated with it, and for putting up with me and Maddie for three nights!

For those members who can spare a little time Volunteering can be rewarding as you can see from the two emails we received today……

Denise Rothwell………”It has been a great quilt show and I enjoyed walking Maddie, lovely little dog.  It was good to see all the different interpretations of the challenge. Each and everyone piece of work offered such a variety of different ways to produce a work of art. This always triggers off more ideas.  I had not seen anyone’s work until Saturday and I was in awe.”

Barbara Smith………”Just had a fantastic day stewarding at Waltham Windmill. Met a lot of the faces behind the quilts and shared ideas. The day went really quickly and I actually managed to do some sewing between talking to visitors. Great day, many thanks to the organisers.”

A Second Great Day…..


… Mary Jackson

We had lots of visitors again today and have really enjoyed listening to them talking about the quilts. Quite a few are interested in joining LINQS and have taken details away with them. Husbands and partners were just as interested and were encouraging their lady folks. Unfortunately we could get any of the men to commit themselves!

It really has been a pleasure stewarding the exhibition, meeting, greeting and encouraging the visitors. So many questions, so much enthusiasm. I encourage you all to offer to do a stint at future exhibitions, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. To hear people praising a quilt without knowing that it is yours is so uplifting.

We’ve set up a comments book and, whenever possible, tried to catch people on their way out of the exhibition. These are the comments from those we did catch over the last two days….members of LINQS, stand by to be very proud….

“Lovely exhibition – very inspiring. Beautifully executed work”

“Some stunning work. Very inspiring”

“A brilliant exhibition”

“Beautiful exhibition”

“Great exhibition. Have learned a lot from helpful Quilters. Thank you”

“Lovely inspiring exhibition, well worth a visit; thank you”

“ Another excellent exhibition and inspirational work. So much talent”

“My first visit to one of your exhibitions but it won’t be my last. The work is amazing and the individual interpretations are very interesting. Well done ladies”

“Very interesting. I admire your skill and patience”

“Superb quality of work “

“Great inspirational work”

“Absolutely stunning display. So much hard work and wonderful artistry. Thank you”

“Some wonderful ideas and advice”

“Amazing work, inspiring. Thanks”

“Beautiful work, done by some very clever people”

“Stunning exhibition and was very interested in the helpful way the work was explained to me”

“Wonderful ideas. Inspirational! “

“Really lovely work. Love it”

“Lovely bright creations”

“I do hope David Hockney gets chance to see these fabulous representatives of his work”

“Beautiful work on display. There are some clever people”

“Loved it! So much hard work”


“Lovely work – so many hours”

“Beautiful Quilts – and lovely Ladies + dog”

“Beautiful interpretations. Inspirational too”

“Overwhelmed by the work. It is clever and beautiful”

“Wonderful exhibition, very inspiring”

“I am amazed at the variety of subjects and interpretations. All the work is extremely well executed and lively. A great exhibition, well done”

“Beautiful work, really enjoyed my visit”

“Some lovely work – I really enjoyed seeing it”

“Wonderful ! ! !”

The first day of the LINQS “Inspired by Newton” at Waltham exhibition was a great success!  The room at Waltham Windmill is perfect for an exhibition and large enough for us to have the space to show several of our David Hockney quilts as well as the new “Newton” collection.

The doors opened at 10am and we had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day.  The sales table was popular and we have had a few ladies express an interest in joining the group.  We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!

We are hoping to see some of our members at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre on Bridge Street in Horncastle on the 20th of this month.  We are being given a talk about the life and works of Banks as well as visiting the Sir Joseph Banks Garden and gift shop.  This will be a great way to kickstart our next challenge and should provide us with plenty of inspiration for our “Banks” themed quilts.  Please book in advance by contacting Karen Lane… are £5 each and husbands/partners and friends are welcome.

Click HERE to discover all about the Sir Joseph Banks Society.

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