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The Mind of a Genius…..

Thanks to Mary for sending in her Newton “work in progress”, this is just the sort of thing we need to give the rest of us a push!  Mary is trying out a technique which is new to her, so making this a double challenge!

Can you tell what it is yet........?

Can you tell what it is yet……..?

“Long way to go but here is the tentative start to my Sir Isaac quilt. It’s just the centre part, it will be landscape so lots more strips either side. Then more cutting up, re-sewing, appliqué, painting, stamping etc. Or maybe not………I may change my mind.  I’ll see how it goes. It’s not exactly planned.  I haven’t joined the strips with 1/4” seams, but overlapped the raw edges which I have discovered is much more difficult………they wander! Oh, and the inspiration is ‘The Mind of a Genius’.”


Sir Isaac Newton Quilts…..

Our Isaac Newton Challenge is gaining momentum and I would like to have more images of your quilts, either “work in progress” or “finished” work, to feature here on the website.  The first two quilts to be revealed are from Joan and Deborah.

Jean Proud has sent this image of her beautiful representation of the famous apple tree in the garden of Newtons home, Woolsthorpe Manor.

Newtons famous Apple tree

Newtons famous Apple tree

Deborah Mullins has sent two images of her ingenious Newton “Word Search” Quilt.

Sir Isaac Newton Worsearch Quilt

Sir Isaac Newton Word Search Quilt

Deborah says…”I wanted to create something that would detain people, make them want to stand in front of it and scrutinise it, rather than just wander past. So I chose to create a word search about Sir Isaac Newton, his work, his contacts and his life. There was so much material to choose from, enjoyable research to find some more obscure aspects of his work, and a bit of fun putting the word search together. There are 30 words to find, which can be put on the ‘label’ next to the quilt – some obvious, others a bit trickier”. What a great idea!

Deborah Mullins Quilt Detail

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