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You’re getting the message…..

We are really pleased to see that our LINQS members are beginning to respond to requests for pictures and info regarding your DH Challenge quilts. They are coming in thick and fast and, as I have said previously, these do not have to be the finished article. It’s even better to receive these in instalments over a period of time so we can watch them develop.

Our latest contributor is Jacky Hopkin……..

“Here is the start of my D.H. Quilt. The first photo is of the painting itself. Measuring 24″ x 36” the original painting is called The Twenty Fourth V.N. Painting 1992.

I am doing the large size quilt. The second photo is my drawing to size, I had to make it using 16 grids, as size is an issue the pattern is showing one half only as I have to roll it for ease of working.

I am tracing my pieces by shapes, then I’m embellishing each “shape” separately onto different types of wadding, as you can see in the following two photos. They will be joined together in “puzzle” form when all parts are completed. I’m embellishing using wool tops, scarves of all textures, and then machine and hand quilting sections, with raised embellishment as I go along, before attaching to a strong calico background fabric, with more quilting.”


Jacky is using an embellisher to create her fabrics and it’s looking great. We look forward to bringing you more images as the quilt starts to come together.

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