The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

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My 1st Challenge Quilts…..

by Lynne Short

At the moment I am struggling for a title for my two quilts as it is the first time I have done anything like this!

I have taken my inspiration from “A Closer Grand Canyon”.  I loved the colours and chose log cabin as it is one of the techniques I know from my sampler quilt.  I used the small rectangles in my design as the Hockney picture appears to consist of lots of smaller pictures brought together.  I had originally meant for this one to be a sampler but, after discussion with my mother-in-law who is an experienced quilter, I have decided to submit it.


My second is the same pattern and colours but with the right side facing and the colours are more defined.  I quilted this one in the ditch and then hand quilted the topography pattern on top.



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