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My finished quilt…..

… Jacky Hopkin

This is my finished quilt for the DH Challenge.

I decided from the start that my piece would be 30″x40″ and would be embellished.

I chose the 24th V.N.PAINTING IN OIL 1992 for it’s wonderful colour and design, and because our requirements were not far off the originals size of 24” x 36”.

I drew mine larger than the original size onto homemade graph paper and traced and cut out the shapes for my templates as I went along.

 The fabric was wool tops and other wool fibres. I began embellishing each section onto medium weight wadding, and cut out them out roughly using the templates. Fitting the pieces together was done with tongue in cheek and very slow, as I had to lightly embellish and hand sew and finally machine stitch into place onto a strong backing. I was aware that any shrinkage at this point meant starting some parts again. I lightly added more embellished shading.

Just a point to mention, I couldn’t bondaweb or stick pieces into place as that would have prevented extra embellishing and hand sewing. I needed a lot of movement to adjust as I went along. I machine quilted very slowly all over, using different threads before backing with a black cotton fabric, and using minimal outline quilting .

The whole experience was a huge and exciting learning curve with my embellisher.

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