The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

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Hockney at Tate Britain…


Tate Britain is to mark British artist David Hockney’s 80th birthday with the “world’s most extensive retrospective” of his work.  To find out more visit by clicking HERE.


Spalding beckons…..

After all the hard work our first showing of “Inspired by Hockney” will soon be a reality…..


My 1st Challenge Quilts…..

by Lynne Short

At the moment I am struggling for a title for my two quilts as it is the first time I have done anything like this!

I have taken my inspiration from “A Closer Grand Canyon”.  I loved the colours and chose log cabin as it is one of the techniques I know from my sampler quilt.  I used the small rectangles in my design as the Hockney picture appears to consist of lots of smaller pictures brought together.  I had originally meant for this one to be a sampler but, after discussion with my mother-in-law who is an experienced quilter, I have decided to submit it.


My second is the same pattern and colours but with the right side facing and the colours are more defined.  I quilted this one in the ditch and then hand quilted the topography pattern on top.



Inspiring each other…..

Following on from her four beautiful silk painted quilts, Lorraine has completed yet another, this time inspired not only by Hockney but also by one of our members.  Lorraine says……”This is my latest Hockney quilt which was inspired by Molly.”  

The influence is clear to see in the shapes, colours and the overall simplicity of the piece.  Lorraine has bound her work using the invisible method which was demonstrated at the DH workshop held at Branston Booths. Lorraine obviously got a lot out of her day at BrB as she admits that she probably “wouldn’t have done this one if I hadn’t seen Molly’s first”!

The Three Trees…..

Here is Wendy Skinners finished DH quilt which I believe was created as four separate quilts which Wendy then joined together.  
Wendy says…….”The quilt is called ‘The Three Trees’ and is a representation of David Hockney’s printing of the three trees, Thixendale, South Yorkshire in fabric, fibres and other media.”

For those of us who may feel a little daunted at the prospect of creating a large art quilt this could be a great way of achieving it.  The finished effect In this case is tremendous!

Top Tips Used To Finish Quilts…..

Lorraine Appleton was one of the LINQS members who attended the DH sewing day at Branston Booths recently.  She had gone there hoping to learn some techniques for binding her beautiful quilts and she wasn’t disappointed….”I found the session at Branston Booths really helpful especially Jenny’s demo.  I will pass on the finishing methods to the Textile group I belong to who are doing the project.”

Thanks to the tips she learnt that day Lorraine has gone on to finish her four mini quilts, which you can see below.


Lorraine says “I actually prefer David Hockney’s iPad work to his paintings.  I think it’s the spontaneity of them that appeals to me.  I found four that I particularly liked.  I used silk fabric which I painted with silk paints.  I then bondawebbed a few bits and pieces onto them to add more texture and colour.  I then used embroidery threads and Kantha stitching to quilt them.”

LINQS DH Sewing Day…..

… Mary Jackson.

Yesterday 12 members of LINQS met up at Branston Booths Village Hall and had a great day sewing, discovering, discussing, laughing and generally enjoying ourselves.

As promised there were plenty of hints and tips provide during the day. Jenny Lucas brought along several samples and did an excellent job of explaining the various techniques she uses for edging quilts.



All of our quilts require a 4″ D-shape hanging sleeve in order to be displayed uniformly and Mary provided a demonstration on how to make and attach a 4″ D-shape hanging sleeve to the back of a quilt. We all agreed that the top edge of the hanging sleeve should be half and inch below the top edge of the quilt so that they all hang at the same level. Carole videoed Mary’s demonstration and a link to the video will be added to this post as and when it is received so watch this space!

Olga and Pat were busy with needles and machine and also acted as chief sounding boards for ideas, which was very helpful and exactly what LINQS gatherings are about.


Lorraine Appleton blew us all away with her wonderful silk painted quilts, based on four of DH’s iPad works. Lorraine’s style and technique is so fresh and vibrant as you can see below.


Molly continued to astound us all with her lack of fear of the unknown, as she free machine quilted her lasted DH masterpiece! It was close to being finished by the end of the day.



Rosie was going great guns, cutting and sewing all the beautiful fabrics she had shown us previously at Billinghay.




Carole commented that she was pleased to see other peoples work in progress as it was providing her with inspiration for future projects. She is well on the way to finishing the first of her set of four Hockney inspired quilts based on his painting of a wine glass. Carole was also delighted to have learnt how to make a hanging sleeve and is seen here showing off her handiwork.



Fiona continued work on her Poppy quilt, which is looking close to being finished, as well as providing the group with a delicious, home made lemon cake.



Karen showed us new work which is a spin off from her DH pieces. Once again this DH Challenge is performing as we hoped, encouraging development and confidence.


Unfortunately Sheila and Sandra had to leave shortly after lunch but both said how much they had enjoyed the session. Sheila also reminded us that Alice Fox will giving a talk at Ludford Village Hall on the 9th May and she will be holding a workshop there on Sunday the 10th. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about Alice’s techniques and anyone interested can find out more by contacting Sheila direct. We will also send round a reminder via email to be sure everyone is aware of this.

So all in all it was a very good day with lots of chat and lots achieved and I am now looking forward to the next session.

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