The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

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Inspired by Sir Joseph Banks…..

These are the images of work in progress and finished quilts for the Sir Joseph Banks Challenge we have received so far.  If anyone else would like to send me images of their work it would be great to get more on here.  The handover date for completed work is on 9th June at Stanhope Hall, Boston Road, Horncastle at 2pm.

Banksia Design by Barbara Smith

A second Banksia Design – work in progress by Barbara Smith

Work in progress by Emily Jennings

Margaret Fulwood’s quilt with hand embroidered flowers

Sir Joseph Banks inspired quilt by Deborah Bullen.

After The Fire – Banksia Seed Pod charred in a bush fire by Karen Lane

Jean Proud’s work in progress


Volunteering can be rewarding…..

Our Waltham Show was a huge success and the committee would like to thank all of those members who came along to help including setting up, stewarding and taking down at the end.  Also a big thank you to Jacky Hopkin for all her help with securing and organising the venue and all the running around associated with it, and for putting up with me and Maddie for three nights!

For those members who can spare a little time Volunteering can be rewarding as you can see from the two emails we received today……

Denise Rothwell………”It has been a great quilt show and I enjoyed walking Maddie, lovely little dog.  It was good to see all the different interpretations of the challenge. Each and everyone piece of work offered such a variety of different ways to produce a work of art. This always triggers off more ideas.  I had not seen anyone’s work until Saturday and I was in awe.”

Barbara Smith………”Just had a fantastic day stewarding at Waltham Windmill. Met a lot of the faces behind the quilts and shared ideas. The day went really quickly and I actually managed to do some sewing between talking to visitors. Great day, many thanks to the organisers.”

Sir Joseph Banks Society…..

We are hoping to see some of our members at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre on Bridge Street in Horncastle on the 20th of this month.  We are being given a talk about the life and works of Banks as well as visiting the Sir Joseph Banks Garden and gift shop.  This will be a great way to kickstart our next challenge and should provide us with plenty of inspiration for our “Banks” themed quilts.  Please book in advance by contacting Karen Lane… are £5 each and husbands/partners and friends are welcome.

Click HERE to discover all about the Sir Joseph Banks Society.


Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton…..

Newton Quilts at Alford Manor House…

LINQS first exhibition of the Sir Isaac Newton Quilts at Alford Manor House, May Bank Holiday weekend, was very well received by visitors.  Some ladies were so impressed they have now become members of the group and are looking forward to joining in with our next challenge.  Here are a few images showing the collection on display…..

I don’t have close up images of all the finished quilts but here are a few to be going on with…..I will add all of the others when they are displayed at our next exhibition in Waltham at the end of August.

Gravitree by Jean Proud (30″ x 40″)


The Farm by Christine Espinosa (30″ x 40″)


Alchemy by Karen Lane (30″ x 40″)


Apple! What Apple? by Barbara Smith (30″ x 40″)


Attraction, Not Fatal by Stargazey Quilters (30″ x 40″)


…by Sheila Evans (30cm x 40cm)

Wordsearch by Deborah Mullins


Gravity by Carole Hagan (30″ x 40″)


Woolsthorpe Manor by Pat Cave (30cm x 40cm)


Prisms and Apples by Dreda Farmer (30″ x 40″)


Newton’s Theories of Revolving Orbits by Wendy Skinner (one of a series of three quilts 30cm x 40cm)


Gravity by Molly Elton-Bott (30″ x 40″)

Hockney at Tate Britain…


Tate Britain is to mark British artist David Hockney’s 80th birthday with the “world’s most extensive retrospective” of his work.  To find out more visit by clicking HERE.

Meeting at Waltham…..

by Rosie Lundgren

The LINQS DH meeting at Waltham Windmill on Saturday 22nd August was a great success . After a brief business meeting the day was given over to sewing and making/meeting new friends. The Waltham ladies made us very welcome and shared lots of ideas with us so we have all come away with inspiration for gifts we can make for Christmas presents and other occasions.

When lunch time came most of us were intending to head for the tea room but our hosts informed us that they were laying on lunch for their visitors. What a lovely feast we had and it was finished off with the most delicious home made cake, obviously ladies of many talents!

We couldn’t leave without a visit to the shops, including a fabric shop and a sweet shop plus a quick tour of the museum which is full of treasures from every day life. The wonderful smell of freshly baked bread, on sale at the Mill shop, meant it was too good to resist! All in all everyone agreed it had been a lovely day.

The  following photos show some of the ladies who attended the meeting as well as a selection of their work.





Part of double East Yorkshire by Margaret Beedham.


Part of double East Yorkshire with the image which inspired the design.


Felled trees on Woldgate by Margaret Beedham



Felled trees on Woldgate with the image which inspired the design.

By Carole Parkinson

By Carole Parkinson

By Jacky Hopkin

By Jacky Hopkin

By Brenda Acton

By Brenda Acton

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