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Volunteering can be rewarding…..

Our Waltham Show was a huge success and the committee would like to thank all of those members who came along to help including setting up, stewarding and taking down at the end.  Also a big thank you to Jacky Hopkin for all her help with securing and organising the venue and all the running around associated with it, and for putting up with me and Maddie for three nights!

For those members who can spare a little time Volunteering can be rewarding as you can see from the two emails we received today……

Denise Rothwell………”It has been a great quilt show and I enjoyed walking Maddie, lovely little dog.  It was good to see all the different interpretations of the challenge. Each and everyone piece of work offered such a variety of different ways to produce a work of art. This always triggers off more ideas.  I had not seen anyone’s work until Saturday and I was in awe.”

Barbara Smith………”Just had a fantastic day stewarding at Waltham Windmill. Met a lot of the faces behind the quilts and shared ideas. The day went really quickly and I actually managed to do some sewing between talking to visitors. Great day, many thanks to the organisers.”


LINQS at Waltham Windmill…..

The first day of the LINQS “Inspired by Newton” at Waltham exhibition was a great success!  The room at Waltham Windmill is perfect for an exhibition and large enough for us to have the space to show several of our David Hockney quilts as well as the new “Newton” collection.

The doors opened at 10am and we had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day.  The sales table was popular and we have had a few ladies express an interest in joining the group.  We are looking forward to another busy day tomorrow!


Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton…..

Newton Quilts at Alford Manor House…

LINQS first exhibition of the Sir Isaac Newton Quilts at Alford Manor House, May Bank Holiday weekend, was very well received by visitors.  Some ladies were so impressed they have now become members of the group and are looking forward to joining in with our next challenge.  Here are a few images showing the collection on display…..

I don’t have close up images of all the finished quilts but here are a few to be going on with…..I will add all of the others when they are displayed at our next exhibition in Waltham at the end of August.

Gravitree by Jean Proud (30″ x 40″)


The Farm by Christine Espinosa (30″ x 40″)


Alchemy by Karen Lane (30″ x 40″)


Apple! What Apple? by Barbara Smith (30″ x 40″)


Attraction, Not Fatal by Stargazey Quilters (30″ x 40″)


…by Sheila Evans (30cm x 40cm)

Wordsearch by Deborah Mullins


Gravity by Carole Hagan (30″ x 40″)


Woolsthorpe Manor by Pat Cave (30cm x 40cm)


Prisms and Apples by Dreda Farmer (30″ x 40″)


Newton’s Theories of Revolving Orbits by Wendy Skinner (one of a series of three quilts 30cm x 40cm)


Gravity by Molly Elton-Bott (30″ x 40″)

Spalding beckons…..

After all the hard work our first showing of “Inspired by Hockney” will soon be a reality…..


Open European Quilt Championships…..

By Mary Jackson

Fellow LINQS members!

As I write this I am sitting in the Open European Quilt Championships people watching. The journey here was easy. We flew to Amsterdam from Humberside and took the train from the airport to Eindhoven, about an hour and a half journey, then taxi to Veldhoven. Next year will be even easier, Humberside to Amsterdam, then to Maastricht where the hotel and conference centre are opposite the station.

For the last three days I have been looking at quilts, talking to people and indulging in a very small amount of retail therapy. Each morning I have woken up here in the Netherlands happy at the thought of looking at more quilts. I must admit that I am now tired but still very happy. The following picture is the view I have at this very moment.

Behind me are the vendors but all around the edges of the vendors halls and the show halls are more quilts on display from groups of artists from many countries. The area of the main hall you can see in the above picture is only a very small part of the whole.
The quilts are wonderfully hung, each suspended from the ceiling . The backs are on view as much as the fronts. I am not sure that I should be putting detailed pictures of other people’s work on our blog site without their permission so I have taken some general shots.

Yes, you must recognise ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’! The competition this year was ‘Old Masters.

The Starry, Starry Night won and deserved to do so. The categories were Traditional or Art, Challenge Theme or not. So simple. These were further divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The backs of the quilts are sometimes astounding!

We have to say that this is probably the best quilt show we have ever been to, even though it is not as big as Birmingham, from the way the quilts are hung, to the fact that art and contemporary quilts are perfectly acceptable! It is spacious and civilised and there is always somewhere to sit.

We have chatted to many quilt artists from all over Europe. Rosie hopes to get one artist who lives in Switzerland to come the UK but that’s a lot of planning. Her name Gietje van der Veen and you can find a link to her website on the right of this page.

While I have over here I’ve seen so much to inspire me, so many techniques I can consider using for DH. As Rosie has just said, there are only about half a dozen quilts here that we haven’t learned something from.
I have lots of photos for you to see when we next meet. Rosie has told the organiser about LINQS so here’s hoping!




Breaking news…..

I have just heard from two of the LINQS ladies (there may be more!) who are currently in the Netherlands attending The Open European Quilt Championships in Veldhoven. It sounds like they are having a ball and are going to be coming home with so many new and inspiring ideas after what they’ve seen out there.

If you take a look on the right of this page you will see a list of ‘Inspirational’ sites to which I have just added “Leslie Gabrielse”. He is a wonderful textile artist and our ladies in the Netherlands, having just attended a talk by this man, suggested his site is well worth a look.

Keep watching this space for a detailed report on the show and hopefully the ladies will be sending in lots of fabulous photos to back it up!

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