The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

We are hoping to see some of our members at the Sir Joseph Banks Centre on Bridge Street in Horncastle on the 20th of this month.  We are being given a talk about the life and works of Banks as well as visiting the Sir Joseph Banks Garden and gift shop.  This will be a great way to kickstart our next challenge and should provide us with plenty of inspiration for our “Banks” themed quilts.  Please book in advance by contacting Karen Lane… are £5 each and husbands/partners and friends are welcome.

Click HERE to discover all about the Sir Joseph Banks Society.


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  1. There were 23 people at this event and we all enjoyed it. You would not believe how many things were ‘enabled ‘ by Joseph Banks. Not just Australia, plants, animals, gardeners, mines, farms, canals, coinage for the world, sailing expeditions etc but did you know he was responsible for ensuring the people of Iceland didn’t starve to death during the Napoleonic Wars. Think of a subject and Joseph Banks was involved somehow. Absolutely bliss as far as inspiration for quilts. Tattoos, maps, Tahiti, New Zealand tree ferns, bread fruit, Mutiny on the bounty, ambergris and sperm whales…….. Thank you Karen for arranging our visit and thank you Paul for giving it and all the refreshments you provided. I urge everyone who hasn’t visited the Joseph Banks centre in Horncastle to do so. The garden is lovely, the gift shop is outstanding with mostly hand crafted goodies, and the Society itself is fascinating.


  2. It certainly was a very inspirational afternoon and I will add your photos from our visit when I get around to it!


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