The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Three Green Waves…..

……by Sandra Goldsborough.


DH Quilt by Sandra Goldsborough

Three Green Waves with Orange Sand

The title of my DH Quilt is “Three Green Waves and Orange Sand” which was inspired by the painting that Hockney did in 1989.  I originally intended making it a lot more textured and using many more fabrics and have some lovely green dyed scrim I was going to use.  I also meant to include quite a bit of hand stitching and embellishment.   I have had limited time to do it and, to be honest, am basically more comfortable using fabrics already printed so I choose to reproduce the image from my (fairly large) stash!

I made my pattern, altering the proportions as necessary, to produce a 30 x 40cm quilt.  I found the suitable fabrics and machined the “waves” in place on top of the sand and sea background. I then machine quilted on top of the bonded fabrics using a straight stitch and walking foot (it is not free machine quilted).  I then wanted to add some more colour and got out my Faber-Castell Gelatos which I bought from Hilary Beattie at last year’s Festival.  I had never used them before but found they produce the effect I wanted.  I used them dry but they are water soluble so suitable for either technique. I can imagine they will have lots of uses so thank you Hilary!

You can see Sandra’s work in progress on this quilt here


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