The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Higgledy Piggledy…..

by Julie MacKinder.

David Hockney is not an artist that I’ve ever known a lot about but this project has changed all that. I spent a lot of time looking at his work, especially the paintings and prints up at Saltaire. At first I thought I might make a portrait but eventually I decided to make a piece about a place I love and know well, exactly as Hockney has done with his Yorkshire paintings.
Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that I have made a piece about St Ives in Cornwall. It has come out of an online course I have been doing about working in a series. I started by looking at the shapes I associate with St Ives.




I like the way the roofs and windows all tumble over each other and, while I had always thought of golds and blues when thinking of St Ives my studies showed me that there is actually a lot of grey and white in the town.
I started to make blocks and sets of strips of fabric as I wanted to work in an improvisational way.


While I was (fairly) randomly cutting and inserting fabrics I realised that I could suggest the lines of the roofs without actually using solid triangles. After a lot of trial and error and rearranging blocks I settled on my final design.


I’ve called it Higgledy Piggledy as I feel that describes all the little streets and back alleys of St Ives.”


Comments on: "Higgledy Piggledy….." (4)

  1. What a fantastic piece. Has this taken you in a new direction? It’s stunning!

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  2. Nice to see and hear about your process. Great piece!

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  3. Thanks for all those photo’s and info Julie. Did you do the online course with Elizabeth Barton ? Lovely quilt you have produced and it looks kind of quirky in a very nice way.

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  4. Julie Mackinder said:

    Thank you Mary, Diane, Olga. Yes, Olga, it was Elizabeth’s course. it was excellent and I need to revisit it to see where I go next. I got lots of ideas doing the course Mary and I’ve got lots of notes to work from. I will be as interested as you might be to see where I go from here 🙂


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