The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Making a start…..

… Lynn Carr

When Karen said she’d like a photo of ‘work in progress’ and would even welcome a photo of my heap of fabrics, I wondered if everyone would really be interested as most of you will have got way beyond the beginning stages. However, maybe if, like me, you are a late starter on your own Hockney project you may take a little comfort from this photo. So far I’ve been involved in a lot of stitching on the Textile Lincs group piece, but whilst that’s been going on I’ve also used some of my head space to think about my own piece. This is inspired by David Hockney’s work on water surfaces and my project is based on my own photo of a water surface of a pool in the gardens of the Maeght gallery in Provence. I was fascinated by the pool, its tiles, shadows and the play of light. Now it’s got to come out of my head and into fabrics and threads. So here goes…a heap of fabrics, a very basic design and a cup of coffee. Fingers crossed!


Comments on: "Making a start….." (2)

  1. Julie Mackinder said:

    I’ve seen it starting to emerge from the pile of fabrics and it’s looking very good.


  2. Olga Short said:

    Good luck with it Lynn


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