The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

… Karen Lane.

Molly is putting the DH Committee to shame…..she has now finished two quilts for the challenge –  go Molly!  The first is this one which many if you will have seen at a previous meeting, with the black horse, river and two trees.  Molly sketched the design on our return from a visit to Salt Mill where she saw the Hockney Gallery.

Below is a photograph of Molly’s 2nd finished quilt.  Molly wanted to include a house in this design and we discussed the use of coloured marker pens to draw the windows and curtains.  The next time I saw her work she had produced this lovely little cottage and embroidered smoke rising from the chimney.  The quilt features a combination of machine and hand stitching and Molly has used lots of different fabric scraps from her stash to create the countryside.  Size was not a concern when she started this piece so, in order to have it comply with the required measurements, Molly did as Mary suggested and mounted it on another quilt.  

Whenever we finish a project I encourage Molly to document what she has done, she is now well on the way to completing her second Illustrated Craft Journal.  I thought it would be nice to include a photograph of the page she has produced for this quilt.



Comments on: "Molly’s Finished Quilts….." (1)

  1. Molly is putting some of us, like me, to shame! Both quilts are beautiful and I especially like the house scene. Well done Molly and such a good idea to keep a record of these achievements.


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