The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Lorraine Appleton was one of the LINQS members who attended the DH sewing day at Branston Booths recently.  She had gone there hoping to learn some techniques for binding her beautiful quilts and she wasn’t disappointed….”I found the session at Branston Booths really helpful especially Jenny’s demo.  I will pass on the finishing methods to the Textile group I belong to who are doing the project.”

Thanks to the tips she learnt that day Lorraine has gone on to finish her four mini quilts, which you can see below.


Lorraine says “I actually prefer David Hockney’s iPad work to his paintings.  I think it’s the spontaneity of them that appeals to me.  I found four that I particularly liked.  I used silk fabric which I painted with silk paints.  I then bondawebbed a few bits and pieces onto them to add more texture and colour.  I then used embroidery threads and Kantha stitching to quilt them.”


Comments on: "Top Tips Used To Finish Quilts….." (2)

  1. Olga Short said:

    Hi Lorraine, Congratulations on finishing four beautiful pieces of work


  2. Hi Lorraine, they have come out beautifully! You are talented. By not being in a frame I think they have kept the spontaneity of the originals more. I remember we talked about the unpainted edges that were there before you finished them and how it would be a shame they would be lost. Well, how wrong we were! They are now perfect little jewels. Thanks so much for letting us see the finished pieces. Are you going to do a 40 by 30 inches now?


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