The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Hockney’s 18th VN…..

by Gill Lewis

I chose Hockney’s “18th V N  Painting” as it was different from much of his other work and I wanted the challenge of sticking close to the original and interpret it in fabrics and embellishments that I already had in my stock. 

I started by sorting out the size, adding 4cm on each side to allow for everything to get smaller by the time it was finished, in fact I lost 3cm in each direction by the time I had finished.

After sorting the fabric colours (of different weights and textures) that matched the painting as close as possible, I made a series of templates and fixed them with bondaweb, which was a mistake as each piece later started to come unstuck and every edge had to be refixed with embroidery stitches to stop the edges from fraying. The glue made it difficult to work with hand stitching at this stage – a point I will remember for future work! I used Markal sticks and Sharpie pens to add colour to certain areas once all the pieces were in place; then the beads, covered bendy straws, embroidery and hand quilting were added.

Finally, I bound the edges with the same colour as the backing taking it all to the back so that none of it showed on the front.


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  1. Thanks for taking the time to talk us through how you approached this project Gill. Hopefully, having seen your write up, we might get a few more members writing in about theirs.


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