The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Following a hearty lunch, provided by Sally and her staff, we had a very productive meeting of LINQS at the Coach and Horses in Billighay this afternoon.  

As you know, one of the venues we are hoping to exhibit at next year is the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford.  Before our application can be considered we have to address a number of questions relating to our group, our ethos, our target audience and what we want visitors to take away from our exhibition.  This afternoon these questions formed the basis for a lively group discussion at the end of which we all agreed that we are now better equipped to put forward our application to the NCCD.

Thanks to all those who attended today and for those of you who couldn’t make it, here are a few photos…..

Gill shows her completed quilt.  Look closely at the detailing, it’s terrific, there is so much going on in this piece!  Gill has kindly agreed to do a write up for the blog next week (time permitting) telling us a little about how she approached this project.

Fiona is progressing her “Poppy” from the mini prototype to the full blown 30″x40″ which is looking fabulous.  Fiona has also offered to send in a write up about how she came up with her unique design.

Something has caught their interest………….

Molly, who never ceases to amaze us all, shows the group her first design (above) and the second quilt she is currently working on (below).

There will be a DH Workshop on Saturday 18th April at Branston Booths Village Hall, all LINQS members are welcome to come along.  It’s a chance to spend the day focussing on your project with no interruptions.  Come along and discuss your ideas, work on your quilt, or pick up tips/advice on finishing, binding, edging, etc.  whatever you want to do, the day is yours.  

The next LINQS meeting was set for 2pm on 13th June at the Coach and Horses in Billinghay.


Comments on: "March 14th LINQS DH Meeting….." (4)

  1. said:

    The landlady is Sally, otherwise great! Love the upbeat ess

    Mary Sent from my iPad



  2. Interesting and exciting work taking shape. I’m sorry to have missed today but Mother’s Day had to come early.


    • Talking of interesting and exciting work, when will we get to see what you are working on Julie? No pressure, but if you’ve made a start, it would be great to have images of what you are doing to feature on here.


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