The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Riverside Trees…..

My Riverside Trees art quilt is now finished and just needs to be edged. This 30cm x 40cm quilt was done as a trial ahead of making a larger version at 30″ x 40″. It’s just as well I had the dummy run as there are a few things I have learnt while doing this project which you read about here



Comments on: "Riverside Trees….." (8)

  1. This has lived up to expectations! I am looking forward to seeing it at the next Sitting Ducks. The whole thing is quite atmospheric. I particularly like the strong dark contrast where the bank meets the water. You’ve solved your dilemma with the water beautifully.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Mary. I’m happier with the water than I am with the sky!


  3. Olga Short said:

    It’s a lovely piece of work Karen, well done, I especially like the reflection of the sky. Olga


  4. Flipping ect Karen no holding you back is there? Well done girl, keep it up. You are truly inspiring


    • Thanks Tina but don’t be fooled into thinking this is my normal speed. Kicking the doorframe and being unable to get a shoe on for a week gave me plenty of time to sit and sew!


  5. Wow, this is really lovely work. Awesome. So glad to have seen it!


  6. Thanks, The David Hockney Challenge is an exciting project to be a part of….It’s a pity you are not a Lincolnshire resident, otherwise you would be just in time to join the group!


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