The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

by Carole Hagan 

“This comprehensive and informative portrait of arguably Britain’s greatest living painter charts David Hockney’s progress from a terraced house in Bradford to the heart of the global art world.”


I enjoyed watching this documentary enormously. The film showed the homes that he lived in, members of his family  -he had four brothers and sisters, and his friends and lovers. 

What came across was the love and support he gained from his parents gave him security and the courage to become a painter and set up home in Los Angeles. His father had said don’t worry what the neighbours think! 

He dyed his hair blond early in his career hence giving himself an image and was influenced by his favourite painter -Picasso.  Picasso’s painting of The Blue Guitar inspired David to paint a series of paintings using the theme of the blue guitar.  

How he got the inspiration for some of his other most well known paintings was shown and was fascinating.  

He particularly explored how to represent space and the film documents his trip to see The Grand Canyon. 

This film was nearly 2 hours long but the time flashed by, it was enthralling and I learnt so much about David Hockney, his life and his paintings. 

I will try to make a second quilt that is not so much a copy but is inspired by him -his use of colour and shape.


Comments on: "HOCKNEY A Film Documentary….." (3)

  1. This sounds like a “must see” Carole. Thanks for the review.


  2. Olga Short said:

    It sounds like an interesting documentary Karen, was it on TV ?


  3. Hi Olga. I think Carole saw it at Stamford, it’s on release in certain cinemas.

    This link to backseat mafia tells you more about the film but, so far, I have been unable to find any locations or dates for screening:


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