The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

by Karen Lane
When I left the DH meeting last Saturday I came away all fired up and ready (or so I thought) to tackle the 30″ x 40″ quilt that I keep on telling myself I am going to do. I remember telling Mary, when I joined the group, that I would make a couple of smaller quilts as a dummy run (having not done this type of thing before) and then get onto the “big one”. Well the small ones are complete so time now to design the big one.

I took my camera out with me last week and photographed the trees and their reflections in the river down by the swimming pool in Horncastle. I knew that this quilt was going to be my own design rather than working from a Hockney piece as I had previously done with Woldgate Woods and the DH Self Portrait.

I particularly liked this image and decided to base my design on it….but I’ve done it again! What started out as large is being done as yet another small quilt. I was all prepared, I had my design sketched out on a sheet of paper 30″ x 40″ and cut my backing fabric to size. I picked out the fabrics for the sky and the riverbank…..and guess what? Yep, I decided to do another “practice run”! I will do that large quilt eventually but before I do there’s no telling how many mini quilts I will amass!!

The good thing about doing a small version first is that I learn by my mistakes….the first being the sky. I began by painting it onto my fabric but then decided it wasn’t dramatic enough. After layering organza and netting and then quilting it I realised it was looking far too heavy. There was too much of the dark blue, so you may notice some of that is gone in the later photos.
An old chiffon scarf, distressed with a heat gun, came in handy for the riverbank as the colour looked just right.

The next thing to tackle was the trees. I figured the easiest way to do this would be to draw the trees onto iron-on Vilene as it could be cut as one piece and then painted.

br />
This is as far as I have got but I will post again when I figure out how I will tackle the river!



Comments on: "Yet another practice run….." (6)

  1. Really great post, Karen. Am really looking forward to where this goes next. Just image these effects in a larger piece.


  2. Already a lot of work done in a week!! Must finish my small one and start a larger one too!


    • Joan just remind me, have we featured your quilt on here yet? If not please send me photos and a few words about what you have done so I can post about it.


  3. You are so right to make trial pieces first Karen. By the time you come to make your larger piece you will know exactly what to expect and the problems will be fewer. The trees are fabulous.


    • Thanks Julie. I was really pleased with how the trees turned out. I’m just not so sure that the background is right now the trees are in place but as you say better to realise this now and I can do something about it when I do the larger version.


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