The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

….by Karen Lane

After straining my eyes in poor light this evening I have finally finished my Hockney Portrait quilt. It is backed with cream cotton fabric and wadded with 80/20. I’ve quilted all around the figure and quilted four vertical rows of stitching on the background to replicate the five columns of newsprint in the original work by Hockney. The scarf and tie have been left hanging freely.

I tried different colour options for the border and came to the conclusion that black worked best. I wanted to mitre the corners but after a few failed attempts I gave up….my eyesight was too poor and life was too short!

I am very pleased with the overall look of the quilt and have had a lot of fun making it. My experience of using a sewing machine has been pretty limited so far but this challenge has made me realise that I want to learn more and improve my technique.



Comments on: "Hockney portrait finished….." (4)

  1. Sheila Evans said:

    Well done. Looks great.


  2. Joan plummer said:

    Well done Karen,didn’t you do well


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