The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

These are working images of the fabulous multicoloured quilt which Olga is creating for the Hockney challenge.  She has taken the time to explain to us how her ideas developed……

I first became aware of David Hockney through a television programme about his forthcoming exhibition at the Royal Academy in 2012. It was the colours he showed in the landscapes that made me look around and search for those colours. I found them in the surrounding landscape, but realised he paints them with more intensity and energy. I didn’t get to the exhibition but did splash out on the catalogue. At the same time I was getting into dyeing my own fabrics and using the cold primaries as in the Ives Colour Wheel.

The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate

The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate

When this challenge came up I chose from the catalogue, the painting The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate Woods. I liked the vibrancy, energy and movement in the painting and those three elements are the inspiration for this quilt.

A sketchbook page displaying the initial design of Olga's Hockney inspired quilt.

Olga’s sketchbook showing the design for her Hockney quilt.

I like working with layered squares, and I like frayed edges. Initially, as can be seen in my sketch book page, the quilt was to have more colour, I was thinking about the colours of the tree trunks, and I tried lots and lots of different permutations, but wasn’t happy with the result, so settled for different shades of turquoise (Procion dyes) as the background, with a, light, dark, light, layering, and small amounts of brown/red, trying to make it POP, i.e. give it a bit of energy. In the painting the leaves falling from the trees are outlined in blue, and I am planning to have a strong vertical line of falling leaves, down one side of the quilt, with a balancing leaf on the right, possibly in sheer, layered fabrics, possibly Lutrador, and with a blue outline. In these photographs I am trying it out with translucent paper.

Drawing images onto tracing paper is a great way of planning their positioning on your work.

The leaves are drawn onto tracing paper in order to try out their positioning.

Close up of Olga's quilt and the overlay of leaves pinned in position.

Close up detail showing ‘leaves’ pinned in place.

After looking at one of my quilts Sandra Meech suggested to me that the strong vertical line could be a ‘signature’ of my work, but would need to be developed. It’s that development I am also trying to achieve in this quilt.

Work in progress....the influence here is the colour and movement that Hockney puts into his work.

Work in progress….the influence here is the colour and movement that Hockney puts into his work.



Comments on: "Olga’s work in progress….." (2)

  1. Olga, As you know I am very drawn to your work. It is so very good to have the development of your ideas laid out. I am looking forward to your next progress report!


  2. joan eastham said:

    looks good already! You do such involved pieces! Joan


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