The David Hockney Challenge was just the beginning…..

Linqs first meeting…..



The first meeting of the newly formed Lincolnshire Quilting group LINQS met at The Coach and Horses in Billinghay on Saturday 4th September. Hosted by Sheila, it was a lively affair with lots of questions, suggestions and ideas for the type of projects we are all considering. Mary hit the nail on the head when she said that there were “no shrinking violets”!  Some of the ladies brought along their “work in progress” which was wonderful to see while others brought copies of David Hockney books for the rest of us to browse through.

The idea of this challenge is not to hide your work away or be secretive about ideas, techniques etc.  It’s more about discovering together and encouraging and nurturing the ideas and work of others.  The following photos were taken at the gathering and show some of the quilts that have already started taking shape.



Sheila chairing the meeting


An exciting piece of work in progress inspired by the colour and movement in Hockney’s work.


Fiona shows her ideas based on photos taken while out walking her dog.


An early Hockney self portrait is this inspiration for my quilt.

An early Hockney self portrait was the inspiration for my quilt.


It’s easy to see the Hockney influence in this very colourful quilt.



Comments on: "Linqs first meeting….." (12)

  1. Olga Short said:

    My daughter in law Lynne, and I enjoyed Saturday,s meeting and look forward to getting together with everyone again and seeing how ideas become quilts. In the meantime we are about to start dyeing fabric, thinking about a yellow/orange /purple combination to take forward Lynne’s plans for a piece inspired by Hockney ‘s Grand Canyon work. I have set myself the task of working through Ann Johnstons book, Colour by Design. I thought her exhibition at FOQ was awesome, did anyone else enjoy it?


    • Good to hear you both enjoyed it. When you start dying your fabrics it would be great to feature what you are doing…be sure to send photos and keep us all up to date.


  2. Rosie Lundgren said:

    It was lovely to meet everyone on Saturday, I only wish I was well enough to have joined the luncheon party first but I will be fixed soon! The best part was hearing about what everyone intended to make, some wonderful ideas. I am looking forward to our trip to saltair and I’m sure we will all come back with even more ideas!


  3. Tina rose said:

    It was an excellent start, looking forward to the journey


  4. Olga Short said:

    I am impressed with the blog. I looked at the David Hockney Gallery and it showed work completely different to what I have been used to seeing of his. I didn’t like the work a lot but it was very interesting to see, so thank you for that.


  5. Hi Olga. Thanks for your positive feedback. I will add more links to sites I think will be of use/interest as and when I find them. It’s early days for the blog but I am hoping to get some of the founder members of LINQS trained in WordPress so they can contribute directly to its content.
    P.S. I loved the quilt you showed at the meeting. Would you send me some close up photos so I can put them on here for others to see?


  6. Pat Sperr said:

    The blog is excellent!! Now I have to stop looking at the pictures and start quilting! Thanks to all involved in creating this challenge.


  7. This all looks fabulous – well done to you all for getting it all set up and running so well. I am so sorry not to have been at the meeting .. but am now hopefully in a more organised time period and hope to be there next time. Will certainly post any images on here too – Hilary xx


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